Album: 0.9 (2011)

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Song: (Also Sprach) Franky

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The band was formed in Bydgoszcz, Poland during Summer in 2006. From the very beginning it was oriented to music with roots in classic hard rock and heavy metal. Making reference in style to such bands like Black Sabbath, AC/DC or Slayer, it was mixing style with such different flavors like blues and industrial. After successful start and working out some own songs, in the end of 2007 the group was constantly distracted with personal changes. Those affected the first recordings moving it forward for a quite long time. Finally, on Autumn of 2009, a 3 track EP came out. It was published in high quality on the Internet. Line-up recording EP "0.9":
- Ian "Rip" Giedrojc - vocals (Rat Salad, ex-The Day After);
- Bartlomiej "Pa" Wanecki - guitars;
- Jaroslaw "Siwy" VII Gasienica Kozbial - drums (ex-Green Grass, Blue Grass, Morgoth);
- Lukasz "Piehoo" Pieszczynski - bass (ex-Enemy Division).
- Guest appearance: The second guitar solo in Chemical Savior - Jaymz from British project The Black Stymphalian.
Soon after the EP was recorded, Pa was replaced by Cobra, a guitarist who for several years was related to metal band iXioN.